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Art blog of a high school student in Rome, from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Here you will find my personal paintings, drawings, art projects etc.

My digital paintings


Bob Ross - Painting mountains with palette-knives

I love to paint with knives since I saw him doing it! ♥

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Study of Pot Pourri by Herbert James Draper


French artist turns photographs into impressive illustrated portraits

France based illustrator GRAPHIK H creates amazing artworks focusing on portraits and other life moments. His pictures are often based on photographs which he transforms into unique illustrations by using his well known linear rendering style. Added details like animals are emphasizing the expression of the person portrayed.

Famous artists such as Lana del Rey, Bruno Mars or Jim Morrison are subject of his art, but also individuals he finds inspiring because of their artfully modified body or attitude.

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Illustrations by Marco Mazzoni [artist on tumblr]

Italian pencil artist Marco Mazzoni‘s work goes far beyond technical perfection. His representation of historical healing women is enigmatic and sublime. Often leaving the eyes blank or covered with an abundance of birds, butterflies and flowers, he gives the impression of a deeper inward focused sight, as well as obscuring the identity of the individual.

Many female healers in the past – both medicine woman and midwives – were brutally persecuted by religion, some even burnt as witches… Mazzoni’s work captures their deep connection with nature and their innate power and femininity with delicacy and beautiful detail.

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